Nettle rash is a common disease among the children. It is characterized by the pinkish coloration and violent itching. The nettles disappear between 2 to 3 hours after its appearance, which may also appear on a different place of the body of the sufferer.

Causes of the Nettle rash

The cause of nettle rash among the children still remained unknown. Though, nettle rash is triggered by allergy, infection or chemical conditions.

1.Allergy : This may be a reaction to a particular type of the food such as apple, egg fish ,nuts ,shellfish, oranges or tomatoes or medicine most often Penicillin. A sufferer of the nettle rash feel its symptoms whenever he/ she eats what is allergic to.

2.Infections : Nettle rash be triggered with a lot of different infections in the throat , ear , lungs and stomach. This is refer to as nettle rash just because the skin looks like the sufferer has touched a stinging nettle. The sufferer of the nettle rash also have fever.

3. Chemical conditions : Plants (not just stinging nettles) , Jellyfish and bug bites contain chemicals that can cause nettle rash.

Treatment of Nettle rash

Title: Herbal Medicated Black Soap


Nettle rash is composed of reddish itchy weals or swellings in the skin.

Preparations: Get the following ingredients for the preparation of Herbal Medicated Black Soap :

Original Black Soap
Small Blue Alum
Sulphur (Imin Ojo)
Small Shea Butter (OrĂ­)
Eyin Aro (Water from Local Soda Ash, ask herb sellers)
Little Palm kernel oil (Adin dudu)
Small Camwood (Osun)

The first thing you do is to mix small quantity of the black soap into water, this water will serve as your mixing water.

Pour the remaining black soap into a mortar, add all the other ingredients (the only ingredients to be very little is the blue alum, especially if the soap will be used by children).
Use your judgement in the measurement (none of the ingredients are harmful including the blue alum).

Pound very well to ensure proper mixing, add the black soap water you initially mixed to aid the pounding but it should not be too much, to avoid your soap being watery.

When it is properly mixed, gather and pour in a container for use.

Bathe with twice a day.

That is your preference

Ensure to also detox regularly for the removal of the ones within.

Food to Avoid:
Avoid eating fresh tomatoes, Honey, Bacon and Oily foods.

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